Pastor E. Ann Nobles, Elder

PastorsWhen Jesus said “let the little children come unto me”, a very young inquisitive little girl, who had a yearning to know God, did just that. Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, “Pastor Ann” as she is affectionately called, accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior at early age. Pastor Ann accredits her mother for the daily example of servant hood and godly worship which taught Ann to have a genuine love and reverence for God and His people.

Diligently seeking God’s will for her life, Pastor Ann accepted her call into
ministry and was licensed to preach the Gospel in 1995 by Rev. Bernard Gadsden,
Pastor of First Baptist Church James Island, SC. After relocating with her husband to Beaufort, SC, she passionately served with him as he fulfilled his duties as the interim Pastor of Old Fort Baptist Church. What then appeared to be a normal, humble, beginning was actually the launching point of an amazing productive Christian journey.

From 1996-1999 the Lord provided an “open door” to the Nobles husband/wife team. Pastors Ann and Chad answered the clarion call to serve as Overseerers of the Gospel Worship Service at Camp Kinser Okinawa, Japan. This wonderful and unique pastoral experience enriched both their lives beyond measure. It also gave Pastor Ann the exceptional opportunity to serve a diverse group of people in various leadership capacities including but not limited to: Minister of Outreach Ministries, Minister over Worship and Arts, Overseer of Women’s Ministry, and Christian Discipleship.

In 1997 Pastor Ann met Dr. Barbara M. Amos, the founder and Jurisdictional Prelate of the Faith Deliverance Christian Fellowship Inc. Dr. Amos had a profound impact on her life. Through mentoring, modeling, and training, Dr. Amos encouraged Pastor Ann to pursue excellence in ministry, to remain faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to live a life of holiness unto the Lord. Pastor Ann was ordained as an Elder in 1999 excellent standing with Faith Deliverance Christian Fellowship Incorporated.

A church for all people, Lighthouse Christian Center (LCC), was birthed in October 1999. As Pastors of LCC, Pastor Ann and her husband work fervently to bring all people to the love and knowledge of Christ. With the dedication and commitment of this powerful team, it is yet to be seen how far and how high God will propel their multitude ministry.

Pastor Ann is the proud mother of two daughters, Ashley Nobles-Jenkins and Chassity Rachelle and grandmother to two grandsons, Gabriel Nobles Jenkins and Daniel Rendell Jenkins.

Pastor Ann is a cum laude graduate of Medical University of South Carolina. She is presently employed at Beaufort Memorial Hospital as a licensed Clinical Pharmacist.

Today’s world is inundated with troubles and tragedies, now more than ever, our spiritual leaders must continue to stand faithful and diligent. Pastor Ann is one who remains consistent, systemic and energetic.

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