Brotherhood Fellowship Ministry

The Brotherhood Ministry of LCC is teaching men how to discover their call and use their talents, skills and gifts to serve God. Here is where men actively pursue God’s will for their lives. Pastor Chad Nobles is raising up men to be leaders that stand in authority in the house of God, in their homes, in their communities and in society as a whole. He teaches along with Min. Benjamin Holmes how men are to stay committed to ministry, and how to remain loyal to their wives and be dedicated to their children. The atmosphere is easy so that the real issues that men go through can be addressed and the men can be challenged to change. Here is where they are taught that the head of every man is Christ therefore it is imperative that they have the mind of Christ and are taught how to renew their way of thinking by the word of God. They are being equipped to be men of integrity and character and instructed on how to walk in dominion. The bond that these brothers have is unbreakable! They support and help one another; they encourage and love each other.

We invite you to come out and be a part of the brotherhood ministry that transforms lives and creates a brotherhood bond for life. Join us every 4th Friday at 7:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you.

Contact Minister Benjamin Holmes at (843) 263-4897 for further information.

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