LCC enthusiastically welcomes new visitors, and sincerely hope that your visit will turn into membership with us.

It is our desire to make you feel welcomed, accepted, and valued as our guest.

As a first-time guest, feel free to park close to our main entrance in one of our guest parking spaces. When you enter the building, you will find a welcoming atmosphere, beginning with our hospitality greeters who will welcome you, direct you to our worship sanctuary, restrooms, and nursery, and provide you with helpful answers to any questions you may have.

Please to hang around after the service so you’ll have a chance to meet our senior pastor or her ministerial representatives, along with many other members in the church. We’d also love to get to know you so you’re a familiar face the next time you come.

Meet our senior Pastor

Driven by a relentless pursuit of God’s will for her life, Pastor Ann embraced her calling to ministry and obtained her license to preach the Gospel in 1995 under the guidance of Rev. Bernard Gadsden, the esteemed Pastor of First Baptist Church James Island, SC. As fate would have it, she relocated to Beaufort, SC with her husband, where they dedicatedly served together during his tenure as the interim Pastor of Old Fort Baptist Church. What initially seemed like a humble beginning turned out to be the catalyst for an extraordinary and fruitful Christian journey.

Between 1996 and 1999, Pastor Ann and her husband, Chad, were blessed with a divine opportunity. They were entrusted with the oversight of the Gospel Worship Service at Camp Kinser Okinawa, Japan. This experience was nothing short of transformative, enriching their lives beyond measure. Moreover, it allowed Pastor Ann to effectively lead and serve a diverse congregation in a myriad of roles, including Minister of Outreach Ministries, Minister over Worship and Arts, Overseer of Women’s Ministry, and Christian Discipleship.

In 1997, Pastor Ann encountered Dr. Barbara M. Amos, the visionary and Jurisdictional Prelate of the Faith Deliverance Christian Fellowship Inc. Driven by a shared passion for ministry, Dr. Amos became a guiding force in Pastor Ann’s life, providing mentorship, exemplifying godly principles, and urging her to pursue excellence in her calling. Consequently, Pastor Ann’s devotion and commitment led to her ordination as an Elder in 1999, earning her an esteemed place within the Faith Deliverance Christian Fellowship Incorporated.

Out of a deep longing to bring people from all walks of life to a meaningful relationship with Christ, Pastor Ann and her husband established Lighthouse Christian Center (LCC) in October 1999. Together, they tirelessly work to spread the love and knowledge of Christ. With their unwavering dedication and unwavering bond as a team, the remarkable potential of their ministry is boundless.

Notably, Dr. Ann’s academic achievements are equally impressive. Graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina with a degree in Pharmacy, she served as a licensed Clinical Pharmacist at Beaufort Memorial Hospital for nearly two decades. Furthermore, in 2019, she earned her Doctor of Ministry from South University.

In addition to her numerous achievements, Dr. Ann takes great pride in being a loving mother to two daughters, Ashley Nobles-Jenkins and Chassity Rachelle, and a doting grandmother to two grandsons, Gabriel Nobles Jenkins and Daniel Rendell Jenkins.

In a world plagued by constant turmoil and tragedy, it is now more crucial than ever for our spiritual leaders to stand firm in their faith and remain diligent. Pastor Ann exemplifies consistency, a systematic approach, and boundless energy, serving as an inspiration to all those she encounters.